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Concept LED Lights have just landed a new exciting contract to supply 250 of our superb 200w UK custom made drivers.

These drivers have been designed and built for a high street retail display company who are then supplying them onto a major retail chain.

Our brief was to make a 200w driver with multiple outputs using 2.5mm jack sockets which would ensure a quick and simple installation.

During the initial project design phase we worked closely with our client to ensure the product we supplied matched their exact specification. The first sample unit was approved, and shortly after we received the first order for 15 of our 200W UK custom drivers.

Our client quickly ordered another 20 drivers which have now been installed on numerous sites all over the UK.

The continued success of our simple yet reliable design has given the client 100% confidence in our product and as a result we have now been given a further order for 250 more drivers.

This is great news for our company as we are now not only recognised in the entertainment industry but now in the “World” of Retail as well.

We look forward to more retail work with this client and others in the future!

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